4 Features

​Low Power Consumption

Can Be Used As A Projection Screen

Privacy Protection


​Small Space Gets Bigger Magic

Regardless of whether it is in the glass compartments, doors or windows of new or old buildings, the PDLC Film can be customized according to the required size.

PDLC Structure

Applicable to liquid crystal display function, using Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) as a display structure, two layers of flexible ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) transparent conductive film as an electrode, with the addition of voltage adjustment, achieving transparent and opaque switching immediately to get privacy.

4 Advantages

>70% High



Low Power Consumption


Acoustic Insulation

>100 million times

Durable Switch Button

Business Office Application

The design concept of seeking new and changing business space is gradually becoming popular, and the selection of building materials in light partition wall is also multiple. If you can use its functions to the extreme, the Electric Privacy PDLC Glass is the best choice.

Business Office

Medical Institution

Housing & Residential Application

Nowadays, people use glass to increase the sense of visual space for the decoration. At the same time, if the privacy can be considered at an appropriate time, it is more convenient to use the Electric Privacy PDLC glass.

Light Partition Wall

Doors & Windows