Still rushing to buy alcohol and disinfectant?

You know what? “silver ion” is more effective in antibacterial protection than alcohol.
Nanosilver is transformed into silver ions through water vapor. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists it as an effective ingredient against SARS and COVID-19. Through physical sterilization, it is combined with bacteria and viruses to eliminate them, achieving long-lasting anti-bacterial effects.

Antibacterial Principle of Silver Ions (Ag⁺)

Nano-silver turns into Ag⁺ through moisture. Ag⁺ attack the negatively-charged cell membrane, nucleic acids, and enzymes of the bacteria, disintegrating the bacteria and killing the bacterium.

Tested With 99.99% Antibacterial Activity

Passed the Japan Polymer Experimental Research Institute’s Antibacterial Performance Test Certification.
The antibacterial activity of Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli can reach 99.99%; with the Rapid Antibacterial Activity being 4 times that of copper foils.

Application of Nano-Silver Antibacterial Film

We can apply antibacterial technology on transparent materials to make a nano-silver antibacterial film, which has weak adhesion and can stick to the touch surface, such as mobile phones, tablets,
touch screens, elevator buttons, ATM touch panels, vending machines, glass door switches, and other touch surfaces, thereby performing the antibacterial functions that it is designed for.

Touch Screen

Elevator Panel

Application of Nano-Silver Antibacterial Sticker

In addition to making a nano-silver antibacterial film, antibacterial
stickers are tailored to be used on curved surfaces, such as door
handles, handles, desks, chair surfaces, countertops, handrails, etc.


Door Handles


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