Time To Eliminate The Conventional Roof Insulation Method

Low insulation capability of Traditional white paint


Insulating Brick costs a lot

It’s illegal to having sheet metal on your rooftop


Can The Insulating Paint Be White Only?

Sunlight contains ultraviolet, visible light, and near-infrared light, which is transmitted in the form of radiation. Brings a lot of thermal energy, and reflections occur when objects of different colors are illuminated.
Among them, white has the highest reflection ability. Therefore, traditional insulation paints mostly use white for the most insulating effect.

Nano Technology-Insulating Theory

The solar radiation energy is reflected through the pigment and additive in the thermal insulation paint.
The extremely low heat conduction coefficient of the hollow ceramic beads reduces the heat transfer. Therefore, it greatly decreases room temperature and provides a more comfortable environment.

2 Advantages

Widely Application

Uplus insulating paint are widely used for building material surfaces such as roof and exterior wall, or can replace the ground floor.

Roof/Exterior Wall

Floor of Car Park