2 Damages From Sunlight

The Influence Of UV Rays

The UV rays in the sunlight have three types: UVA, UVB, and UVC. More than 95% are UVA. UVA has strong penetrating power and is extremely harmful to the skin. If exposed to UVA for a long time, dark spots and skin aging is easy to appear; even carcinogenic in severe cases. Recent researches have shown that long time UV-exposure can cause sunburn and lesions in the eye.

The Influence Of IR Rays

Solar radiant heat is the biggest cause of environmental energy consumption, resulting in increased electricity consumption in indoor air conditioners.
The heat radiation caused by IR rays penetrates the skin to the subcutaneous tissue far more than UV rays, making the skin temperature the rise, telangiectasia, congestion, and the evaporation of the epidermis. Therefore, it has an adverse effect characterized by red papules, premature skin aging and pigmentation disorders directly on the skin.

​​Uplus Glass Is Comparable To Clear Glass Can Completely Retain Invincible Beautiful View.​

Global Patent
“UVIR Shielding Film”

We apply professional heat insulation materials for plastic substrates to create a wide width shielding film to solve the film width limitation that can be used for large glass, and to reduce costs. It can achieve UV blocking and high efficiency heat insulation without sacrificing an invincible beautiful view.

5 Advantages

Green Building Materials-Insulating Glass

Uplus has patents in nano-tech insulation materials and high-tech UVIR film, combining these with laminated technique creates high quality glass to meet Taiwan-“Green Building Material” standard.

Product Series/Customization

Uplus Energy-saving glasses have high light transmission series; high insulation series; and green building materials with hollow double-layer glasses that can be used with >5mm thick colored glasses. For architects and designers, Uplus products can also be customized for you.

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