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4Reasons To Use

Furniture, Wooden Floor Faded & Aging

Avoid fading and aging of furniture and wooden floors caused by prolonged exposure to UV light.

Eastern & Western Sunshine Exposure

When the sunshine exposure for a long time, Uplus Vampire shield window film can help you reduce the chance of heat coming in indoor and increasing comfort.

Increasing Electricity Costs

Uplus Vampire shield window film can reduce incoming heat to save the electricity consumption of air conditioners and lights.

Glass Cracking Splash Resistance & Safety

Uplus thermal insulation window film apply to the glass can reduce the risk of splashing after glass breakage.

Still Using Curtain Shades To block sunlight?

If the glass does not have sunburn protection and heat insulation, the heat will enter the room, even if the curtains are used, it will not block the heat transfer of the solar energy, only the sight and light will be sacrificed.

Core Technologies

UV Rejection

Creative technology provide you full-band UV rejection

IR Rejection

Over than millions of IR-absorbed nanoparticles


Global & EU Recognized Sunblock and Thermal Insulation Pilot

  • The only to reach the most harsh level:Base on the UPF ratings of Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) , protection category of Uplus window film is excellent due to the percentage of UV radiation blocked is 99.95% (equivalent to UPF is 1958) which is higher than 97.5%.

  • Singapore green building product  certification.

  • Over than 40 global and EU patents.

  • No Formaldehyde release certification.

  • The leading window film width can be apply on glass seamlessly, meeting the needs of large glass thermal insulation.

  • MIT exterior film technology can be flexibly applied to buildings.


Exclusive Thermal Rejection Layer Patent Technique

Million nanoparticles distribution in Uplus window film to absorb more than 90% of solar radiant heat, while simultaneously the unique UV rejection technology  to block full-band UV light, achieving almost 100% barrier performance

Visual Simulation of Uplus Window Film

Uplus vampire shield has only top-level and no Inferior products.

U70 Series





U30 Series





U45 Series





U10 Series





We can effectively reduce indoor temperature by 5 degrees Celsius

This temperature difference varies slightly depending on the environment and climatic conditions.

No Worry To Enjoy Sunshine

Your car can also choose our Vampire Shield to meet your high demand for sun protection.

Only Uplus dares to say full-band UV rejection.

Let you get carefree

Both buildings and cars can be protected