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Although the germ are not visible to the naked eye, there are indeed a large number of various germs around us. As evolution gradually invades our body, if we can quickly get protection, we can get more peace of mind.

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Vampire Shield

Energy Saving Glass

Say get out to IR rays

Vampire Shield

Solar Film

Say no to UV light

Uplus Insulating Decoration Plate

Say goodbye to heat

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Still using curtains to isolate the solar heat?
High electricity bills lead to fear of using air-conditioning?

Uplus Insulating Paint

Say goodbye to heat

Vampire Shield Energy-Saving Glass

The high cost of electricity is an irreversible fact. How to deal with the impact of heat waves is the mission of sun protection energy-saving glass.

Vampire Shield Solar Film

The innovative patented UVIR shielding technology blocks 100% of the full-band UV rays. We can achieve sun protection and thermal insulation to protect your health economically and quickly.

Uplus Insulating Decoration Plate

We are the first to add patented thermal insulation nanoparticles to the decorative plates commonly used in buildings. Uplus always think more thoughtfully.

Uplus Insulating Paint

We added insulation materials in paints. We upend the traditional paint’s limitation of only white, and can adjust various colors to meet the diversity of architectural design. 

PDLC Privacy 

Film & Glass

PDLC privacy film is suitable for commercial spaces, hotels, medical facilities, residential doors and windows, financial banks, etc. It increases privacy and meets other professional applications. Amazingly Uplus can customize it for you.

We are experts in solving the problem of heat insulation for you. We have patents  related to thermal insulation materials and applications more than 40 countries in the world and the European Union.  Make good use of sun protection and thermal insulation technology to help reduce air conditioning electricity and lighting usage to achieve environmental greening balance.

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