Scorching Glare
Is more Serious Than Imagined

The light pollution caused by reflection is not only glare, disturbing the people, but also causing the temperature to rise, the object to melt.

Global Patent
“UVIR Shielding Film”

Million nanoparticles distribution in Uplus window film to absorb more than 90% of solar radiant heat, while simultaneously the unique UV rejection technology to block >99% of UV lights, achieving almost 100% barrier performance.

Metal-Free Reduces Reflection

If the light reflectance of general reflective glass is 50%, it can be easily reduced to 3.125% after applying anti-reflective exterior solar film.

6 Advantages

3 Reasons To Choose

​To Solve The Problem Of Difficult Indoor Film Applications

Generally, solar film is usually applied from the interior side of the glass. It is convenient and easy to maintain. However, if it is a large construction or difficult to apply from indoors, anti-reflective solar film can quickly complete the mission and help you save energy.

The Modern Glass Curtain Building-High Reflection

Modern glass curtain buildings have increased dramatically in number, with an excess of reflective glass. This has resulted in severe solar light reflection, disturbing the surrounding residents, the environment, and even being sued.

​Beautiful Buildings Become Bird Killers

Birds can not tell the landscape on the reflective glass and the reflection of the image, which can cause birds to hit the glass and die.